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Dear Guests,

Our philosophy, to give our guest exquisite taste, great portions, and a great value has remained unchanged
since our opening in 2002. We have put our utmost effort to give our guests 100% satisfaction in every way
Through proper and periodic training of staffs, we ensure every guest gets a satisfying experience every visit.

One of the best features of our restaurant is the stone grill. 2inch thick stone grill is made of living
rocking Korea.The stone grill not only brings out the exquisite taste of the pro, it also keeps the meat
tender for a long period of time. Furthermore, it produces various healthy minerals when heated.

Another feature of our restaurant is that we strictly use Canadian Pork for our menu. Canadian Pork has
proportionately balanced fat and meat. Its taste will assure it is the best and you will not be disappointed.
Our favorite menu selection includes pork shoulder, pork belly, beef brisket, and marinated choice beef.


Our interior decor features pelenty of wood and an emphasis on traditional Korean atmosphere.
Here you can can choose to dine inside or out on our beautiful patio.

Visit Haejangchon Restaurant for the ultimate food and service that exceeds your expectations.

You will not be disappointed. - - we promise.

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